The Fine Diner

The Fine Diner project is based on the employees of a fine comfort food establishment called "Angler's Diner". It is set some time in the future in New York City. Its employees are Chef Eric, Waitress Lana, Cook Mario, and its owner, HF-01. It is immensely popular due to the fact that Chef Eric is very well known in culinary circles around the country. After owning his own fine cuisine establishment, Chef Eric decided to open a diner with HF-01 as a partner and hired the best staff any diner could know. As a poor immigrant, Chef Eric used to eat at diners during his first years in the city because they served cheap and delicious food. He still holds the comfort food he savored in these places as his favorite. Genetics and robotics have progressed considerably, and therefore, there are not only races in the world, but new species, too. The characters in the diner are all genetic hybrids who have characteristics of human beings and sea creatures. My interest in this project comes from two sources: our current technological trends and the possibilities of development in the future, and my love for food! I decided to work on this project because I felt that I could develop many ideas and design concepts from this basic premise.

Chef Eric
Waitress Lana
Cook Mario
Owner HF-01
Angler's Diner
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